Fling Intro
Gain flings are here!
Love the cleaning power of Tide Pods? Then you'll flip out of your sweet-smelling socks for new Gain flings, the best-smelling single of 2014. They're just as easy to use as Tide Pods, but with the amazing scent of Gain.
what's in it
in it?
Of course, there's way more to Gain flings than just their incredible scent. Each Gain fling is packed with the longest lasting Gain scent experience yet, plus the odor removal power of Febreze and the extra cleaning power of Oxi Boost. This trio of amazingness is why this is the most amazing Gain yet...truly #MusicToYourNose.
so easy
So easy
How do you use Gain flings? It's as easy as dropping one in with your laundry and turning on the machine. Gain flings are the no-mess, no-hassle, no-problem long-lasting scent solution for your laundry. So whether you're doing a load for the whole family or just freshening up tomorrow outfit, Gain flings are the only detergent you need to reach for. You'll be rocking your laundry quicker than ever!
The scent you love
That scent
you love
Of course, what would a Gain fling be without the incredible, unbelievable, irresistible scent of Gain? After all, you want your laundry to smell its absolute best - and you know that Gain has the scent that you love! Gain flings take great scent to the next level with more scent per load than ever before. In both Original and new Moonlight Breeze scent, one wash is all it will take to notice the difference on your clothes, in your closet, and in your home. And don't be surprised if you get compliments from a sniffing stranger or two!
A laundry innovation this spectacular deserves the flashiest, coolest, and most dazzling world premiere. What better place to drop our new scent single than on the biggest stage of them all:
The 56th   Annual GRAMMY Awards®  . While the music industry celebrated the best in songs throughout the night, we introduced the world to the best-smelling single of 2014.
just the facts
So there you have it. New Gain flings work just like the Tide Pods you already love, but with the irresistible Gain scent. They're packed with more of Gain's amazing scent, Oxi Boost cleaning, and Febreze odor removal - 3 big things in 1 little fling! And they come in two amazing scents: Original and the new Moonlight Breeze scent. You may see them popping up in stores soon but by February, you'll find them wherever your laundry detergent is sold. Excited yet? We thought so.