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5 Awesome Songs To Kick Off Springtime
Mater Mea
Playing Records Never Goes Out Of Style

Music has the power to transport you to another time and place. This fact is incredibly appealing as we -- fingers crossed! -- finish up what may be forever known as "The Longest Freakin' Winter Ever.” (Seriously, tales will be told of the villainous polar vortex that held us all captive for what feels like decades.)

The same goes for smell. In fact, science has proven that Gain's great scents make listening to music that much more amazing. With just a press of a play button and a whiff of Gain in the washer and dryer, we can instantly feel the warm sun on our backs, and see trees budding, birds chirping, and our neighbors being in a much better mood now that they're not shoveling their cars out of five feet of snow.

These five songs make us feel like warmer weather is right around the corner, and are perfect for some of our favorite springtime activities. Whenever they come on, there's a flutter in our chests, a spring in our steps, and a smile we just can't contain on our lips.

Pop: Upbeat tempo, choruses that demand you sing along… pop music always means it's time to have fun! Push play on your favorite pop playlist, and you'll want to dance out of the door as you leave your house without a jacket on for the first time -- one of our favorite signs that spring and sunshine are finally here.

Electronic Dance Music: There's always one outfit we can't wait to break out once the weather cooperates. It has a revered spot in our closet, and we look at it longingly as we push past it to pull out yet another heavy sweater. But the minute it's warm enough to wear that outfit, we want you to put it on and immediately play your favorite EDM track. Everywhere you go will become a catwalk when the bass drops out and the music builds to a moment perfect for dancing around.

Reggae: April showers may bring May flowers, but until then spring's downpours can seem more of a nuisance than a blessing. Thankfully children can help us see the unexpected joy of a little rain; I mean, have you seen how much fun a kid can have jumping in a puddle? Put on your wellies and join in on the fun with a playlist full of classic reggae tracks. Nothing says "I don't have a care in the world” than reggae and dancing in the rain with your kiddos.

Jazz: When the weather gets nicer, there's really nothing better than getting cozy during an al fresco meal for two. A great easy-listening jazz soundtrack can add to a relaxing evening spent laughing and looking into each other's eyes over dinner.

Bossnova: This quintessential spring song is light and airy, perfect for a springtime stroll to smell the flowers that are finally budding in your neighborhood. Science has proven that floral scents can improve one's mood, and appreciating nature finally waking up from a deep winter slumber is a great way to find joy in the everyday. Take in every bloom, sprout or tree bud you see, and sashay like you're doing the samba in Rio.

9 of the Smelliest Words from Worst to Best
How To Be A Dad
Smelling a bouquet

Words and smells both hold tremendous power over us as nose-owners. They provoke reactions of every color and size. They transport us to a favorite memory and firmly plant our index fingers and thumbs to our collective sniffers. In looking at how we smell-ify our lives, it's important to note that words radiate meaning just like the smells we choose to describe. In fact, there's a whole hierarchy of words we employ to describe and categorize these scents-ual experiences.

Let's take a look at these smell words from worst to best, so we can end on a high note. Smell good to you?

This word gives you the idea that an evacuation plan, to get away from the source of the reek, may need to be put into immediate effect. Women and children first!
"The reek reached the sidewalk outside the hoarder's house."

You might get the idea that a zombie got into some burritos, or perhaps someone is playing bass guitar riff with your colon. Funk is gunk and foul combined.
"Man, that dog park has a major funk to it when the sun bakes the grass where dogs mark their territory."

This is the sour big brother of the word "stink." Stank generally refers to an overdeveloped stink with some flair for the dramatic. It's very commonly used by older brothers to describe their younger brother's feet as well.
"Those gym socks have hit a level of stank bordering on assault with a deadly weapon."

Stink We've hit the first of the words with an unpleasant tone. You're trying to be polite yet informative about the negative impact the offending smell has upon you.
"Could you please do something about that day-old hot dog stink?"

Here we have the neutral Switzerland of smell words. It doesn't say anything particularly positive or negative by itself.
"Do you smell that? I smell something. Something smells around here."

Like a crime scene investigator, you are most likely tracking an odor with a distinct symphony of notes to it. You're acknowledging uniqueness, but still remain conservative about your attitude toward this whiff.
"That's a scent I've not smelled in a long time. Baby poop is so memorable."

This word is step up from the nondescript yet informative meaning of "scent.” Aroma usually has a positive attribution most often related to food and other pleasant olfactory factories.
"Seriously, the aroma coming from those brownies will force me take someone hostage if I don't eat one right away."

Listen, most people think of flowers and perfume for this word, but there is a fragrant scent people often forget: people. We smell each other's clothes and know what it means to nuzzle into a loved one. There's a sweet, nostalgic quality to this word.
"Her fragrance was unmistakable. It made flowers feel ashamed when she was around."

Whether it's flowers, food or fine wine, the arrangement of notes within a smell is as complex and symphonic as an orchestra. Just like a bouquet of flowers, the gifts here last for days and retain a lovely meaning.
"The bouquet was as lovely as a dream. A dream involving chocolate flowers."

Honorable mention: Nosegasm
Sometimes, smells are so incredible and noteworthy there are no words for them. So, we have to make them up in the moment. This word sums up all of the best smells you've ever experienced into one, perfect expression.
"Every time I go into the laundry room, Gain detergent gives me a total nosegasm.”

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How To Be A Dad
A Surefire Way to Chase Away Bedtime Monsters
The Spohrs Are Multiplying.com
This spray will stop monsters in their tracks.

My daughter Annie really got into the fun of role-playing when she turned three. One of her favorite things to pretend to be was a monster. As a monster, she'd chase the dog around our house, or jump into rooms with a loud monster "RAWR!" I loved that while most kids are afraid of monsters, my daughter wasn't...until suddenly, that changed.

One night as I was tucking Annie into bed, she said nervously, "Mommy...what if monsters are real? What if they come get me while I'm sleeping?" I didn't want her to lose the joy of playing her favorite game, so I assured her that her father and I would keep the monsters away. After she went to sleep, I came up with a plan.

I ran to the grocery store and bought a clear spray bottle and some assorted stickers. Back at home, I carefully spelled out "Monster Spray" with the stickers I'd just purchased. Of course, then I needed something to spray. The perfect potion was on the shelf: Febreze with Gain. I knew its clean scent would linger in the room longer after the spray dissolved into the air, which was what I wanted.

The next night I told Annie that I'd bought her the perfect thing to keep the monsters at bay. I told her "Two sprays a day keeps the monsters at bay." She thought this was great, and while I pumped the spray bottle the two of us chanted, "Monsters, monsters, stay away from the closet! Monsters, monsters, stay away from the bed!" After she was in bed with the lights off, Annie said, "Mommy, I can still smell the Monster Spray, so I know it's still working." Exactly!

We've sprayed the Monster Spray every night for six months now. My daughter tells me, "Mommy, you know monsters aren't real, right?" But I am so happy that she still wants to do our little routine every night. She makes up little dance moves to go with the chants, and sometimes she'll even throw in a kick or two. Now she not only wants to use the Monster Spray in her room, but also in her baby brother's. I love that our nightly ritual is naturally passing down to her younger sibling, I love that they are both sleeping soundly thanks to the monster spray, and I also love that both of their rooms smell amazing!

An Unexpected Way to Get More Joy Out of Your Candles
A Subtle Revelry
Lighting Candles in the Day

We all have those candles resting on our shelves. The ones that rarely get lit, and if so, only late in the evenings. I've had a stash of candles on my office table for the last couple months. Pretty smelling candles that just sat there day after day. While working - I had a crazy idea a few weeks ago... I decided to start lighting them. I lit them all. A favorite vanilla candle, a floral smelling pillar, a Febreze Gain original scent candle, and a couple colorful tapers.

At 10 am I lit the candles. The next day at 1pm, when I usually reach for a cup of coffee I lit them instead. The next day just for fun I lit the candles again!

All of a sudden I noticed my mood beginning to shift. My daily joy increasing and my demeanor relaxing! Having great smelling candles in the house is a wonderful way to brighten up the air and the mood in any room. Plus, it makes my ordinary Tuesday feel just a little more special.

For whatever reason we've always left our candles until the evening to light. But let's be honest, unless we are in a blizzard we don't need the candles to see at night - so why not bring them into the light of day!?! Allow them to shine. Allow them to smell like an air freshener and to make our every-days that much better! No need to wait until the work of the day is done, instead enjoy yourself and the lingering scent as you go throughout the day.

I love how the smell keeps me inspired when I'm working on a project, and I adore the sweet sent wafting across the room as I run around with the kids in the afternoon. Daytime candlelight might be my favorite new decor trick - who knew such bliss could be so easy.

Here are a few simple ideas to inspire you to begin light your own candles daily;

1) Collect a handful of bright and tall taper candles to brighten up your desk at work. Place them in simple holders and light whenever you need a quick burst of energy. I swear... they work better than coffee for lifting a mood.

2) Keep a stash of birthday candles nearby to pull out. Next time there is a muffin or sweet to be eaten during the day, stick one in and light it up - maybe even sing a round of, "happy birthday" to no one at all. The tiny gesture turn the momentary treat into a daily celebration.

3) Purchase a set of large white pillar candles. Place them on the mantel to light up the family room while the kid's play. Present the same set on a bright plate when friends come by for coffee earlier in the day. They'll be tickled at sweet scent and pretty light the candles give off.

However you light them, a daytime flicker will bring you a moment of bliss - no matter what else might be happening around you.

How to Bring the Simple Joys Back to Dinnertime
A Subtle Revelry
Playing Records Never Goes Out Of Style

Getting ready for dinner is one of my favorite times of the day. I adore turning our table into a family place to meet and connect. We have a long wooden table and I often use linens to lighten the look and create comfort for my family. There is not much in my world that beats a glass of wine in hand, fresh linens on the table and an amazing smell wafting in from the kitchen while we prepare. I remember my mother enjoying this time of day as well, with her record player playing her favorite vinyl, and fresh linens gently thrown on our family's dinning table.

For Christmas, we received a restored vintage record player. It has become a favorite piece in our house. With permission I raided my parents' collection of vinyl records that were stored away, and now am the proud owner of a classic collection of music to choose from. I will often start a record as I prepare for dinner. There is something magical about the sound of a song on vinyl. No matter what is going on in our home, a record playing seems to calm it and turn what could be a stressful time of day into an event of joy for our entire family.

This magical quality in hearing music on vinyl is why the trend of owning record players has become so strong again. In our technologically advanced world, sometimes we laugh at the fact that we now have to walk over and flip the vinyl, or move the needle when it gets stuck. Moving backwards in some ways to achieve that perfect tune. It enlivens our hearts and reminds me of my youth.

I still remember the sound of my mom's record playing in the evenings, and the fresh smelling linens she would pull out each evening for the table. The smells and sounds are quite comforting to me as an adult. They give me a sense of deep joy and wonderful purpose at dinnertime. I love that I can use Gain detergent in my washing machine to give my linens the same amazing smell that I remember so dearly. Seeing my own kids pick out the records they like to hear and then sitting around our table laughing together and connecting is my favorite time of day. It must be why the really good things in life like great smelling linens, slowing down to connect, and music on vinyl never seem to truly go out of style.

How To Build a Killer Playlist for Doing Chores
The Spohrs Are Multiplying.com
Follow these tips to make a great chore playlist

MNo matter what anyone says, cleaning the house can be fun! I have a little trick I use to turn cleaning into a concert-style dance party: I made a chores playlist. I blast my playlist on my stereo or in my headphones, grab my cleaning products, and get to dancing...I mean, CLEANING. Believe me when I say if you make a chores playlist, your housework will FLY by. Here are some of my tried-and-true tips to make a chores playlist that's almost as fun as going to a concert.

Assign songs to each chore
You have to keep it fun and fit the mood of whatever you're doing:

~ Cleaning tile floors: I play show tunes! With my mop in hand, I pretend I'm dancing across the stage on the Great White Way
~ Taking out the trash: Pump up some 80s pop/punk music! It's silly, but it works.
~ Laundry: I like music I can groove to when I'm doing the laundry. I get so much joy out of sorting and folding laundry. It's my zen time!
~ Dance Break: Yes, a dance break! You have to keep it fun. Pick something you can shake that booty to.
~ Dusting: Choose something with a strong, solid beat that you can wipe...wipe...wipe the dust off the counters to!
~ Vacuuming: Something LOUD! That vacuum makes it almost impossible to hear anything, so blast some killer rock n roll!

Put It On Repeat
Since each song is attached to a chore, put the song on repeat and don't start a new one until you're ready to move onto the next task.

Race yourself
See how many replays of one song it takes for you to mop the entire kitchen. Try to beat your personal goal (I once mopped my kitchen in one-and-a-half songs a personal best!)

Stay on your toes
I like to put my playlist on "random" so I never know what my next chore is going to be. It helps keep things interesting!

Play it LOUD and sing along!
Pretend you're at a concert and blast your music as loud as you can stand. Sing along - I hear mop handles make excellent microphones!

Make Your Bed The Place To Be With These 4 Scents
Mater Mea
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain


Think about how you begin and end your day: There's something you're using every day that could make your days even better, but that you're probably not paying that much attention to. Before you take a shower and get a cup of coffee, and after you've eaten dinner and tucked your kids in for the night. Do you have it yet?

It's your bed! Often overlooked, your bed is not only a place for resting, but is also a big part of your family's life. It's the first thing you feel when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you touch when you go to bed at night. Beds in your home are where impromptu adventures are had, and days are made better.

There are few simple pleasures more relaxing than getting into a soft bed that smells amazing; luckily Gain's laundry soap can bring that luxury to you no matter how you're spending time in bed.

Cuddling: What's more romantic than cuddling in a bed of roses? Gain's Moonlight Breeze will bring bouquet after bouquet to your bedroom every evening, and set the mood for an evening of romance under the moon.

Making your kids feel better on sick days: Being sick is never fun -- especially when you're picturing all the fun your friends are having at school while you're stuck in bed! Help ease your child's restlessness with the soothing smell of lavender -- it will help your child get the rest they need to start feeling better.

Friday night romance: There's just something about a tropical scent that can transport you to the islands when you can't splurge on a plane ticket. Take a romantic beach holiday for two without leaving your room (or having to find a babysitter) with Gain's exotic Hawaiian Aloha. Every rustle of the sheet will feel like a soothing island breeze.

Building forts with your kids: If your carpentry skills are more popsicle stick picture frame than HGTV, building a fort is the next best thing to a tree house. But wash your kids' sheets in Gain's Island Fresh, and it will be that much easier to imagine you're standing watch against swashbuckling pirate rivals on the island where you keep all ye treasures, aye!

Sniff Your Way To Bliss: 5 Scents Proven To Make You Happy
Mater Mea
Close Up Of Woman Smelling Flowers

It seems like the older we get, the harder it is to fully indulge in the things that make us happy. Who has the time? There are just so many things vying for our attention these days: our bosses, our adorable but demanding kids and partners, our best friends who just sent us a link to a viral video we have to watch right this second…

But being happy doesn't have to be another thing to schedule into your overflowing calendar. Something as quick and easy as taking in a deep whiff of something that smells great is just enough to give you a pick-me-up that is sure to last all day.

Researchers have proven that it is possible to sniff your way to bliss. The human nose is packed with millions of receptors that send information to the parts of our brain that process emotion and learning. It's why smell can often times be more evocative of a memory than any of our other senses.

So why not have a few scents on hand at home to boost your mood when you're feeling overwhelmed? These smells have been scientifically proven to make you feel carefree and happy:

Lavender: This earthy and fragrant aroma is regularly used in aromatherapy, and there's no surprise why: Studies have found that lavender can reduce anxiety and depression, and leave you feeling more relaxed, according to WebMD.

Fresh flowers: "Stop and smell the roses,” indeed! A study found that when women received flowers, they smiled what's known as the "Duchenne smile.” Never heard of it? It's the kind of smile that only happens when we're truly happy, making our eyes crinkle up and our cheeks rise. In the study, people who received flowers reported that they were happy, which wasn't the case for participants who received other types of gifts.

Pink grapefruit: Feeling younger may very well be the definition of being care free, and pink grapefruit has been proven to change the way people perceive age. Study participants who were exposed to the citrusy smell judged models to be three years younger than those who viewed the photo without any smells. Citrus smells have a number of other benefits, including boosting your mood, sharpening your focus, and lowering anxiety.

Peppermint: The cooling scent of mint can leave you feeling invigorated, happy, and ready to tackle your next workout. Getting a whiff of peppermint essential oil can reduce stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and irritability -- those familiar sappers of happiness -- and boost your energy, according to Live Strong. And athletes are so sure of the powers of peppermint, they often ingest it whether through an inhaler or diluted in water, as it has been shown to enhance athletic performance, according to a 2012 study.

Gain: We always knew the fresh smell of Gain made us happy -- and now there's science to back it up! A recent study found that Gain's smell can give you more joy than listening to your favorite kind of music, and can even make your favorite music even more enjoyable. Gain really is the best laundry detergent!

Happy sniffing! It really is the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure.

Ten Ways You Know Your Day Is Going To Be A "Win"
The Spohrs Are Multiplying.com
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain


The day you graduated. The day you got married. The day your child was born. These are all obvious choices for Best Day Ever, but sometimes the best days are disguised as a regular day of the week. These are the days where the stars align and all those little things go your way. Here are ten ways you know your day is going to be a win.

1. Your kids put their shoes away without being asked.
~ Is there any greater parental satisfaction than your child completing one of their daily chores without any prompting from you?

2. The rain washed your car.
~ Free car wash!

3. Finding money in your pockets before you do laundry.
~ Usually going through the pockets of dirty pants reveals gum wrappers and other bits of paper, but when you find a folded-up dollar bill there's no way your day will go wrong.

4. An unexpected gift leads to hours of fun.
~ A sticker at the bakery or a balloon from the grocery store can lead to all sorts of improvised fun.

5. Grabbing a sweater you'd washed in your mom's laundry soap.
~ Washing comfort items in the Gain detergent your own mom used is a great, unexpected way to get a burst of nostalgia for the days when your mom did all of your laundry. Put that sweater on a take a whiff -it smells like home.

6. You hit green lights all the way to work.
~ And you actually arrive at work early, for once!

7. Find an open parking meter that has time left on it.
~ A parking meter with money on it is like finding a unicorn.

8. A stranger compliments your outfit.
~ Isn't it nice when someone notices the care you put into your appearance?

9. Hearing a song on the radio you haven't heard in years.
~Nothing can transport you back in time like the radio playing an old favorite. Spread the joy and call whoever the song reminds you of, just to tell them hi.

10. You get to the free sample display and grab the last one.
~ Free food and hopefully a delicious new discovery!

The Nostril Expander
How To Be A Dad
Fake product nostril expander

Imagine. What if you could take a normal whiff of a good smell and amplify it into a smellnado? We've got binoculars for our eyes, headphones for our ears and seasoning for our tongues, but what of the delights of the nose?

Nostrilizers could be your discreet, scent-enhancing friends, snuggling comfortably in each of your nostrils! All without the embarrassment of other clunky nostril expanding products, designed for problems with snoring, and visible from outer space.

The concept behind Nostrilizers is really simple. 1 x 2 = 2! It doesn't take a mathematical rocket surgeon to know that TWO is twice as good as only ONE of a good thing.

It's pretty common for people's noses to be madly in love with the smell of baking bread, the scent of Gain detergent, the perfume of flowers, you name it, but for everyone with Nostrilizers plugged in, that reason is also always: MORE PLEASE!

The world is filled with so many joyless things we have to do; it's easy to sacrifice the pleasures of life for the demands of the day-to-day. Most people barely have the time to stop and smell the roses, but at least Notrilizers can make it twice as sweet when you do.

Nostrilizers: For the all-good things, it's like the opposite of plugging your nose.

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– DISCLAIMER: This is not actually a real product, but it really should be, right? If it were a real product, though, caution should be taken around most public restrooms and all manure plants. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

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How To Be A Dad
What Type of Hostess Are You ?
A Subtle Revelry
  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Image 3


You can tell a lot about who you are from the scents you find yourself relating to. Take our simple scent-to-hostess quiz to figure out what type of hostess you are, and what elements will make your next party a raving success! Answer the questions below, keeping a tally as you go:

1) Which baked goodie can you smell from a mile away?

a) Rich Chocolate Cake
b) Peach Cobbler
c) Fresh Baked Bread

2) When a bouquet is placed on the table, which flower excites you the most?

a) Roses
b) Dandelions
c) Tulips

3) What is your favorite of nature's Spring accessories?

a) Flower petals floating in the air
b) A puddle to jump in
c) A rainbow

4) Which Gain Scent Booster for your washing machine appeals to you the most?

a) Sweet Swizzle
b) Moonlight Breeze
c) Original Fireworks

5) What are your favorite shoes to wear to a party?

a) Vintage boots
b) Sandals
c) Stilettos

6) What Cocktail party playlist inspires you the most?

a) Vintage Jazz played on your collection of vinyl of course.
b) Playlist? It's much more likely your guests will pick up the guitars resting against the wall and make their own music.
c) The carefully curated online music station you've titled "Cocktail Parties".

Tally up your letters and whichever you had the most of, read on below

Mostly a's - You are a sweet and romantic hostess. When it comes to gathering friends you tend towards small, thoughtful gatherings, and more intimate affairs. An afternoon picnic with a close friend is perfect for you to host! Invite a couple of your nearest and dearest. Make sure to pack a sweet cake and plenty of forks to share. Grab the vintage blanket lining your bed for seating, and repurpose a thermos filled with sweet drinks to pass around and share.

Mostly b's - You are a free spirit hostess. Your parties are most often spontaneous and can quickly change form. You easily go with the flow and have no worries sending a guest out to get more ice if needed for the bar. Host an outdoor movie night to quench your need for an unstructured, but always-fun event. Set up inner tubes filled with ice outside for the bar and spread out canvas drop clothes and colorful pillows for seats. Be sure to have a s'more fire pit nearby for treats. Projecting a video on the side of the house allows guests to chat, watch, or dance in the back of the yard when the moment is right.

Mostly C's - You are a bright and perky hostess. You love throwing parties and want everyone who comes to have a blast! You aim to please and design each detail of your events to be just so. To shake things up a bit (but still remain a gracious host) plan a seasonal sit down dinner. Take cues from the local floral market and set small arrangements in Julep cups on the table, plus a few larger ones in urns around the room. Find a bright and fun fabric to lay down as your tablecloth, just cut enough yards to hang about 6 inches on each side. Take your favorite elements of the season to incorporate throughout the meal. Cinnamon sprinkled on the desserts in fall, or eatable flowers floating in the soup to welcome spring - Your guests will be thrilled and talk for weeks about the perfect details you provided.

What Your Folding Style Says About You (QUIZ)
Girls Gone Child
Woman holding boxer shorts

Whether you're packing for a trip or folding laundry on your bed (or wherever you happen to fold laundry) everyone has a particular folding style and, believe it or not, that style says more about who you are than, well, pretty much anything. (Okay not really, but it certainly says SOMETHING. I think. Maybe.) Here is a quiz for your soul. (Don't forget to keep track of your answers as you go!)

1. You find a pair of socks and they're a match! Do you…

A. Fold them together
B. Tie them together
C. Bunch them together
D. Marvel at the fact that you have two socks that match

2. Your jeans are fresh out of the dryer! Do you…

A. Smell them first! Then fold them lengthwise.
B. Smell them first! Then fold them into a square.
C. Skip the folding and hang them on the rack. And then smell them on the rack!
D. Inhale their sweet aromatic scent before pushing them into a crowded drawer

3. Look! Your favorite hoodie! Oh how you've missed it while it was in the hamper all these days! Lucky for you, it's clean and fresh and smells like rainbows and delight. Do you…

A. Tuck the hood and fold it into a square.
B. Fold it lengthwise, hood and all
C. Hang it from the hood on a hook in your closet
D. Wear it fresh out of the clothes dryer because there is nothing better in the world than that feeling when it's all warm and fresh and cozy and home sweet home.

4. Underwear. Am I right? Especially the thongs. Folding tiny underwear feels totally strange. Anyway… You're folding your underwear, do you…

A. Fold it into a tiny little underwear square to be put in a pile with other underwear squares.
B. Fold lengthwise and call it a day
C. Bunch into a ball. It's underwear, after all. (That rhymed.)
D. Slingshot it across the room like old times.

5. The buzzer goes off. The t-shirts are DONE. It's time to put all those years working in retail to WORK! Do you…

A. Fold down the middle and fold the sleeves toward the fold.
B. Fold into perfect square.
C. Roll shirt like a tootsie roll.
D. Fold it in your own special magic folding way that you learned from yourself.

If you answered:

Mostly As. Congratulations! You are ON IT. You know what you want and aren't afraid to tackle it, hoodie on (or off!) There is no task too large (or awkward to fold) that you cannot master. You're organized and in charge and capable of anything you set your hand (and mind) to.

Mostly Bs. You are a unicorn – a combo of brains and brawn, rights and lefts. You cut corners when you need to but always take care of business. You keep a tight ship but keep things loose as well. Dig it.

Mostly Cs. I like you, Mostly Cs. You do things a little differently and don't stress the small stuff. You do what you've got to do to get it done even when it's annoying/menial/chore-like. You've always taken the road less folded by and that has made all the difference.

Mostly Ds. You're the kind of person who goes with it. You find joy in the mundane and I would like to hang out with you ASAP. Are you busy next Saturday? Anyway, you're the kind of person who listens to yourself. Who doesn't care if her shirts are wrinkled and her socks are mismatched. You are an easygoing sort who takes pride in… things other than laundry folding. Which I totally appreciate. High five/air guitar.

You Should Be Dancing: 5 Ways to Dance Every Day
A Subtle Revelry
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain
  • 5 ways to dance gain


Taking moments out during the day to turn up the tunes and get moving fills me with joy. No matter what we are doing - the simple act of turning the volume up and letting loose for three minutes reignites a feeling that cannot be beat. It quickens my heartbeat, and reminds me what a great life this is. Whether I'm coming home from school with the kids, cleaning hardwood floors, or just living life... dancing to our favorite tunes makes my family rejoice in our everyday life.

One of my favorite times to do this is when we are driving around town. Blasting a favorite family song is a sure fire way to cure any car wiggles or whines that may come up. It's my number one trick to turn a backseat fit into a complete joy fest! We've even had friends see our car on the road, literally bouncing from the in-seat dancing happening inside. They could not stop smiling at the simple pleasure of a rocking car making good use of a long red light.

It is a daily tradition to listen to our favorite music while making dinner at night. It help everyone wait that few extra minutes while we finish the meal, and gives us all the boost we need to manage our chaotic evening routine. Often, Matt will grab our girl and start swinging her around while I sauté the veggies. It's moments like these that inspire me to press play everyday.

This joy trick works just as well when I am alone. Laundry day has never been a favorite, but blasting a new song through headphones as I make the bed turns the chore into an event for me. It's a chance to rock out, sing my heart out, jump on the bed, and enjoy the everyday that is my life as a mom. Using Gain's wonderful smelling fabric softener makes my sheets extra comfy for those inevitable bed dance falls and they always smell great while I'm landing.

And then there's the everyday spontaneous dance party that happens. Although as parents we've been in the habit of cranking the tunes for years, it's so fun to see our kids start jumping in and following suit. Many times during the day my daughter will just grab her wand and start twirling, or belt out the song that pops in her head. Nothing elicits that deep sense of joy in me more than seeing my child excitedly dancing around the room.

My husband and I also have a sneaky way of fitting this moment of joy into our own lives, sans kids. While inevitably waiting for our table on date night (because we are parents and forgot to make a reservation again!) in the middle of the packed lobby with buzzer in hand, he grabs me and pulls me near. And the music in the lobby becomes our melody and we dance and I could be anywhere in the world at that moment because dancing, and music and joy are so present in that moment making me love my everyday.