Original  Liquid Laundry Detergent
Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • 6 loads, 10oz.
  • 16 loads, 25 oz.
  • 25 loads, 40 oz.
  • 32 loads, 50oz.
  • 64 loads, 100oz.
  • 96 loads, 150 oz.

Start water, add Gain, then add clothes.

Caution: Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, give a glassful of water. Call a physician. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Do not reuse this package for dispensing beverages or other liquids.


Original Liquid Laundry Detergent

Liquid Laundry Detergent

After washing your clothes in this intangibly cool and crisp liquid laundry detergent, you may be the subject of random sniffings. Because it really does smell that good… if we do say so ourselves.

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Liquid Laundry Detergent
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Liquid Laundry Detergent
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Claudia C.
The best detergent!

I couldn't believe that this detergent did what a detergent suppose to do. My sheets and clothes had that amazing smell for days! I have 5 dogs so the scent wouldn't stay more than 2 days but with this detergent the scent stays on for almost a week. I really love this product and I will continue using it. Thank you!

Crystal A.
Smell is irresistable!!!!

I received this to test them out from Influenster and I am amazed of how great the smell of this product is! There was no need to even open the package it seeped right through. Left my clothes smelling extremely clean and fresh, where I seriously didn't want to stop sniffing them.

Alanna R.
Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent-Original-Works great, smells great
Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent-Original-Works great, smells great

I really like this detergent. It works to get hard dirt and difficult odors out of my shoes and clothes, including the dreaded horse smell, as well as pulling salt stains off of my winter boots. Great product!

Lori S.
great laundry detergent and cleans and smells really good
great laundry detergent and cleans and smells really good

I really like this laundry detergent and it's one of my favorites. It makes the clothes smell really good and it's fun because it's green. This bottle is one of the bigger ones and it's easy to use with the spout on it.

Gina S.
The benefits of using Gain laundry detergent original scent
The benefits of using Gain laundry detergent original scent

I love this detergent. It cleans both colors and whites very well and it smells great.

Kristin R.
Great clean and great smell
Great clean and great smell

Gain gets my clothes clean every time. I can even use it as a pre-treater when I don't have time to go a load. The smells is awesome and the price is reasonable for what you get.

Tara R.
Not the best but it gets clothes clean.
Not the best but it gets clothes clean.

We don't really like the smell. But once your clothes are clean they smell clean, so it does the job.

Robin D.
Leaves clothes smelling fresh
Leaves clothes smelling fresh

Smells great,last for 7 days

Jessica S.
How much I love this product!
How much I love this product!

I love gain, it gets my clothes clean and leaves them smelling great?

Brittany T.
Gain Original Scent Liquid Detergent
Gain Original Scent Liquid Detergent

Product works great. Cleans and gets rid of stains on clothes very well. I love the scent.

Katherine B.
Gain Detergent
Gain Detergent

Using Gain Detergent for the first time

Jennifer M.
Leaves clothes with the best smelling scent!!
Leaves clothes with the best smelling scent!!

I absolutley LOOOVE gain and all of their products!

Tara R.
I love Gain Original Fresh Detergent
I love Gain Original Fresh Detergent

I have always loved gains original scent. Never needed to try any of the the new ones, because I like my clothes to smell like the original.

D. K.
Liquid Gain Original Fresh
Liquid Gain Original Fresh

I usually use free and clear liquid detergents without perfumes. I decided to try this Gain Original Fresh. It has a mild scent that doesn't linger forever in your clothes and I like that. Made my clothes smell fresh and clean and cleans well when I used less than the recommended amount. This is a great price too. I am glad I tried this!

Amy T.
Gain Laundry Soap
Gain Laundry Soap

I REALLY liked this soap. I loved the fresh smell that it left on my clothes. It also made my clothes super clean! The price is great as well.....not too expensive!

Kim J.
The detergent smells good, but its a little too strong for me.
The detergent smells good, but its a little too strong for me.

I like the detergent, it cleans really well, but I have allergies, and this one triggers it. Its a little too strong of a scent for me.

Lacey G.
The smell brings me back to when my mother did laundry.
The smell brings me back to when my mother did laundry.

This version of Gain Laundry detergent was the same kind that my mother used to use. It is in a concentrated form now, but still has the same great stain fighting power. The handle on the bottle makes it easy to pour and measure. Add a little directly to a satin before putting it in the wash and it'll disappear.

Amber V.
I like th Gain detergent, but the smell is a little strong.
I like th Gain detergent, but the smell is a little strong.

Like it!

Magaly B.
I love Gain detergent, cleans really well and smells great.
I love Gain detergent, cleans really well and smells great.

Gain liquid detergent is a very high quality product. It is rather expensive, compared to other brands, but it works really well at removing stains. It removes tough stains and leaves whites really white. I also love the great scent of Gain. Clean, fresh, and outdoorsy smelling. Excellent!

Jessica C.
Gain Original Fresh
Gain Original Fresh

This is a wonderful smelling detergent. My clothes smell wonderful coming out of the wash and dryer too. It gets my clothes clean as well!

Sarah S.
Review of Gain Original Liquid Detergent
Review of Gain Original Liquid Detergent

Smells Great, gets clothes clean, nice packaging, no complaints!

Candice P.
How fresh Gain makes my husband's dirty clothes smell clean and fresh.
How fresh Gain makes my husband's dirty clothes smell clean and fresh.

I really like Gain fresh scent. The scent is not overpowering and makes the stinky laundry smell great and fresh. I will buy this again.

Sheila T.
Pretty good, good value
Pretty good, good value

Pretty good, good value

Tatiana M.
Gain laundry detergent and fabric softenter take good care of my clothes.
Gain laundry detergent and fabric softenter take good care of my clothes.

Gain is tough on stains, but gentle with delicate pieces. I love the scent of Gain Original!

Niki V.
Gain Original Fresh Review
Gain Original Fresh Review

We like it. Gain does the job - clean and makes it smell nice.

Leilani R.
Effective stain remover
Effective stain remover

great smell, good price and effective stain removal

Shirley H.
Gain original fresh liquid laundry detergent.
Gain original fresh liquid laundry detergent.

I like this laundry detergent. I found that it is pretty cheap and it smells terrific. I will use this product in the future and I will tell people about this product.

Tiffany S.
Gain laundry Detergent Smells Great
Gain laundry Detergent Smells Great

The smell is terrific and it lasts for weeks at a time. It lets me know my clothes are clean every time I smell it. It also does a good job keeping them clean.

Amber S.
The great smell of Gain detergent
The great smell of Gain detergent

Overall, I think that this product is a great product. I was very impressed with the long lasting scent and how clean it makes the clothes not only smell but feel.

Briana W.
Gain: Best scent!
Gain: Best scent!

Love it! The scent is what won me over. Used to use Tide, but really any liquid detergent would be. Now I only want to use Gain. So glad I found this rpoduct.

Tina R.
affordable works great smells great
affordable works great smells great

i think it smells great very strong smell, works well can stretch it out for more loads very cost effective

Kristi W.
Great scent & gets tough stains out
Great scent & gets tough stains out

Gain is a great, affordable laudry detergent that helps keep clothes looking great & smelling fresh. The liquid can both be used as a stain lifter as well as everyday detergent. The scent is fresh, but not over powering.

John K.
Talking about how more people should use Gain
Talking about how more people should use Gain

Its a great product, that smells great and gets stains out better then any other product in my opinion.

Nathan H.
cleans nicely
cleans nicely

We prefer the liquid over the detergent

Joseph D.
Love the smell!
Love the smell!

This is a good product, it gets my clothes clean and it smells great! Also less expensive than other brands.

Vanessa H.
the freshness of gain
the freshness of gain

this product is concentrated and I love the scent.

Reggie H.
The fresh scent of gain!
The fresh scent of gain!

Great product, it cleans and it smells great.

Angela D.
This smells so good!
This smells so good!

This product is a really great product. I was surprised by how much I liked it. Usually I use Tide which is more expensive, and to be honest, I liked Gain better! I think it leaves my clothes smelling better and they're just as clean. Loved it!!

Brad W.
My video is about Gain Ultra laundry detergent.
My video is about Gain Ultra laundry detergent.

# Concentrated formula has been improved to deliver even longer-lasting freshness in one small cap # Original Fresh scent

Antoinette G.
The Smell of Gain
The Smell of Gain

I found that this product lived up to it's reputation. I loved the smell! The scent last long. The cleaning potential was great. I was very satisfied with Gain laundry detergent and would definitely recommend it to others.

Megan T.
Smells great!
Smells great!

Gain smells fresh and cleans my laundry really well. Its less expensive than other brands and that's always a good thing!

Kim D.
Gain Original is a wonderful detergent that smells Fresh
Gain Original is a wonderful detergent that smells Fresh

This detergent gets your clothes clean and makes them smell fresh. This detergent is 2x as strong. It is economical and works great!

Tricia C.
I was impressed by the scent.
I was impressed by the scent.

The best thing about this product is the scent. It almost smells like a soft masculine cologne.

Cheryl J.
GAIN Liquid Detergent, Original Fresh,
GAIN Liquid Detergent, Original Fresh,

love this detergent,

Tina W.
Ultra Gain Laundry Detergent
Ultra Gain Laundry Detergent

I like this detergent. It has a really great scent. A little more expensive than other detergents.

Lisa S.

Although I'm not sure what a high efficiency wash machine is, Ultra GAIN washed my clothes just fine in my Whirlpool, heavy duty, thin twin washing machine. This laundry detergent smells so good! I would recommend it!

Allie R.
Gain Liquid Detergent, Original Fresh
Gain Liquid Detergent, Original Fresh

Cleans good. But the smell is not the best!

Matthew P.
Gain Liquid Detergent Original Fresh
Gain Liquid Detergent Original Fresh

Works good but it smells bad!

Tyler T.
This detergent works well.
This detergent works well.

Clothes smelled fresh and clean when washed, fresher than with my regular detergent. No complaints!

Leah J.
This is my review of Gain Original.
This is my review of Gain Original.

I really like using gain. It smells amazing and it cleans clothes very well.

Sheri H.


Vanessa C.

I am an original girl! I tried maybe three other scents, but found that my allergies will not tolerate those. So original is where I began and it is where I shall stay. I LOVE GAIN!!!!!

Megan Y.

I love gain. After they are done washing there is this strong scent that lingers throughout my house. I have read that after drying that the scent disappears but it does not. It just takes a while then the scent comes right back. I love the way it makes my closet smells.

Crystal R.
Sweet Sizzle Indeed!!

I am head over heels in love with the in wash scent booster!! I just wish I could find a larger size! I love how my clothes, and sheets smell, and bonus, my house!! On laundry day, my whole house smells like sweet sizzle!!! Love it!!

Alisha E.
Obsessed with this scent

For years I was using a different brand of detergent and fabric softener, which I thought was totally superior to all else. However, at the beginning of 2011 I got very ill and had to stay with my parents for several months. My mom uses Gain, and the longer I was exposed to that intoxicating scent, the more I knew I had to switch. Now I buy everything Gain---detergent, fabric softener, softener sheets, all the Febreeze products, and dish detergent. The liquid softener is hands down the best I've ever used. I'm not too crazy on any of the other scents, original is where it's at. I recently started using an in-wash scent booster by another brand, which is also very fresh and clean smelling, but I'd love it if Gain made one in original scent and not just Fireworks.

Cheryl M.
The best

I have been using Gain Detergent for many years. My family's clothing is not only clean but smells great! My children often remarked that others commented on how good their clothing smelled. And nothing beats slipping between the sheets that smell like Gain Original. It's so soothing. I do believe I sleep better because of that wonderful Gain aroma!

Michelle dorthy W.
Mom of 5 loves Gain it Rocks

I have been using Gain Original fresh for many years 10+ yrs.. It gets out stains, keeps my whites,' White & colors full of color. I will never change, it makes OUR bedding & clothes smell wonderful & fresh. It flows thru out my entire home. Friends & family ask me how I keep my home smelling so clean & fresh!!!.. GAIN you are the BEST. I am a mother of 5 children, take care of my bed ridden mother in my home & a wife of a hard working man who gets real greasy & dirty at work, Gain takes care of our every need. I even put it in a spray bottle with water & use it as home fabric & carpet spray. IT smells clean & works wonders. Thank You Gain we LOVE Thank You.From the, The Ashby family of 8 & 1 big dog:)

Nancy R.
Scent Fablous!

I recently tried your new Gain Fireworks Sweet Sizzle. Oh my gosh this smells wonderful!!! I had some towels that when they got wet just did not smell good and tried this, not only do they smell great so does my closet! I actually think a bowl of them out of reach could make a room smell wonderful! Thanks for a great product. I am and have always used Gain. I Love it thanks!!!

Amanda H.
Dreamy Desire Fabric Softener - BEST EVER!!!

I just purchased the liquid fabric softener in Dreamy Desire. It made my items that I hang to dry, super soft and the smell is absolutely amazing. Please Gain, can you make liquid detergent in Dreamy Desire scent?? I LOVE THIS SMELL!

Anneke L.
LOVE this smell!

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Gain detergent! I also buy the powdered detergent ans sprinkle it on my floor before vacuuming, It makes the house smell amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE Gain! : )

Anneke L.
LOVE this smell!

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Gain original scent! I also buy the powdered detergent and sprinkle a little on my carpet before I vacuum. It makes the whole house smell AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! : )

Denise P.
love, love, love and uhh LOVE

I Love Gain detergent and fabric softeners. I have tried other products but have always come back to gain. I am recently married and my new husband ( typical bachelor ) didn't think it matters what you wash your clothes in. That is until i started washing his clothes in Gain. Now he loves it as well. Often comments on how good his clothes smell and on how soft his towels are now. :- )

Dana M.
Love My Gain

You guys really are the best! I love my Gain...

Amber L.
Made just for me!

I am allergic to everything and my skin is so sensitive. When my skin decided to become so picky I thought I was going to go nuts, I would break out with rashes with everything I used. It ended up being anything I washed my clothes with, I tried plenty of laundry detergents and Gain came in my life! I do not have to worry now about waking up itching or now my body will react. Gain Original Fresh is the only Brand and scent I can use and I love it! Thanks for creating it for me

Donna S.
Smelling Wonderful

I just bought some cheap detergent a couple weeks ago and man my clothes do not smell clean at all!!!!!!! I just went back to the store bought gain detergent, gain fabric softener, and gain fabric softener sheets and I just washed everything I have and my house even smells like gain from all the clean clothes.... I will never go cheap again!!!!!!

Mary R.
Awsome smell

Absolutely love the smell. Love it on my towels and bed clothes. Dont think I will ever change detergent ever.

Becca B.
Love at first sniff.

My mom used to get Gain when it was on sale. I've now lived on my own for 2 years and its the ONLY detergent I will use! If I go over to her house and she has some other detergent I ask her what she was thinking when she bought it. Gain smells and cleans GREAT!

Victoria D.

I love gain! its my favorite, i have people asking me what perfume I'm wearing an its nothing. Its just the smell of fresh gain on my cloths! But i never tell them my secret = if i could i would shower with gain.. that should be the next thing gain body wash!!

Dorothy P.
I Love Gain

I recently switched over to Gain from one of its competitors and I am so glad that I did! My entire family loves the fresh scent of Gain compared to the previous brand. We will never use another brand of detergent or fabric softener. Thank you Gain!

Jerry R.
love it.

love this laundry soap will not bye anything else .

Tina S.

I love the smell of Gain and cant get enough. My friend used Gain and I had my first sniff 2 years ago and have been addicted ever since. I use it on my kitchen floor, bathroom, car, I use it everywhere I can. I wish they made the sented filters for the car, and house. I just cant say enough. Most scents I get sick of and change them often but not with Gain. LOVE IT!!!!!

Julie B.
Hands Down the BEST!

Some items I don't mind purchasing the store brands....but when it comes to laundry detergent GAIN wins hands down. My family's clothes always come out cleaner and smelling wonderful! Thank you for continuing to always provide an amazing product!

Jerry R.
i love my gain.

i love my gain! i only use gain for laundry dry sheets and for dishes.

Jerry R.
i love my gain

i only use gain liquid detergent,dry sheets and dish detergent. i will not use any other kind if the store i am at is out or don't carry gain i will go somewhere else.

Jill S.
Just close your eyes and smell

I just love to wash my clothes in Gain-and of course use the dryer sheets. I love to take them out of the dryer on cold winter days and just smell! The warmth from the dryer and the smell of the Gain makes me think of spring!

John F.
Thanks Gain!

My wife is allergic to many things. This is one of the few we can use and we LOVE it. Fresh scent stays with on clothes all day while at work or play. Many thanks from us to you.

Seleta T.

I have been using Gain Liquid Detergent for so many years. I really enjoy the way it makes your clothes and how clean they get. Thank you for making such a great product.

Madeline D.
Loving It

I loved Gain before it became popular. I put clothes away for months and when I take them out they smell like just washed. It's unbelievable!! There is no other on the market like that. I purchased the new Febreeze air spray with the scent of Gain. It's awesome!!

Matt N.
Gain Fresh Lock

Go to walgrees they have the Gain with Fresh Lock Laundry stuff. Oh I was readign on the back of the bottle that the cent could last up to 2 weeks. thats awsome.

Mary P.
Fabric Refresher

Please Make a fabric refresher so I can make my ENTIRE home smell Like ORIGINAL Fresh Gain!!! I love the way Gains Original scent smells!

Nikki B.

I absolutly love gain. It is the only washing detergent that i will ever use. Keeps my clothes smelling fresh and clean. I will never use another

Shantanice E.
The Best Detergent!

I just used Gain detergent Original Fresh for the first time and I love it. I will not switch detergents anymore. I'm sticking with gain. I use the Gain Original Fresh detergent and the Gain floral fusion frabic softner. My clothes smell so fresh and are so clean!!

Carliss W.
The Best

THis is the best detergent and fragrance , I love this scent it clean, crisp and fresh..

Jonathan V.

Everyone loves the smell of my clothes! I love Gain! I love doing my laundry because of Gain! I got so excited when I found the Febreeze collection...I bought everything! Let's get automotive Gain scents!!!

Ashley L.

I have found the best most beautiful smell of a detergent ever! I just bought the fabric softener sheets to go along with my liquid detergent. mmmm I could smell it all day!

Beverly L.

I loved the smell of the original fresh detergent. Everything comes out smelling so nice. Works great on the front loaders where some times the clothes tend to get a damp smell if not removed immediately after the cycle ends.

Darci W.
New Dish Soap

Just found the dish soap in stores!!!! Love the smell of the original fresh and love that I only have to put just a little bit on the dish rag once to wash all the dishes. With other brands I have to add more soap 1 to 2 more times to get the dishes done. This will for sure be the dish soap I use from now on, although I am a big fan of the apple mango tango scent!!! So will have to look for it next time!!!!!! Also love how in-expensive it is!!! :)

Kaoru B.
i have been a big fan more than a decade

my favorite is gain original fresh scent : i have been using this laundry detergent for a long long time.... the best scent and i always come back after using other brands. now i can have gain dish detergent.... is there any plans to release 'gain scent candles?

Carrie S.
Gain Dishlishes

The best dish soap ive ever used my dishes get so clean you can see your reflection.

Liz A.
How Awesome is That?!!!!

OK, I succumed to the pressure to try your new product. Know what? Not only does it smell like Heaven (or GAIN, if you prefer), but the detergent actually works! I got through a full sink and sideboard of dirty, crusty dishes from the night before and the bubbles were still going strong! If only I had more dishes to do! Oh, and my hands don't itch like other soaps cause them to itch. I can't wait to try it on the dog! Here, doggy doggy. You'll love to smell like GAIN, too!

Melodie F.
Gain is the best

I was a user of another national brand laundry product. I started using Gain. I used Gain for a year. My husband wanted me to go back to my previous brand, so I did. I can honestly tell you I prefer Gain products over all the other products that are out there. I will never go back to the others. Gain, you are in my life forever.

Sheba M.
Gain it's AWESOME

I have used gain for laundry for a long time. Then you added the softeners so I use them to. So then I saw the dish liquid and take a guess what??? It's now my favorite too. So happy with the gain products please never ever change the sent. I love it.

Dawn W.

I think that the best thing that ever happened to me was finding Gain sented febreze! I think I was happier than when my boyfriend asked me to marry him! I have told everyone I know about it!!! I LOVE THE SMELL OF GAIN!!!

Anne C.
fun dish washing

Just tried your new original fresh scent dish detergent. With the great smell of Gain I don't mind doing the dishes. Love the aroma coming from the sink! Thanks for thinking of it!

Kathryn W.
removes pet odor

I have two elderly dogs. They sleep on blankets as beds that are placed on the foor. These blankets get very dirty. Sometimes soiled. After using several products they still smelled musty. That is until I used GAIN. I knew it smelled good from friends using it, but didn't know how well it cleaned. I am so thankful I tried GAIN. So are my dogs. Kathryn Webb

Lori W.
Smells great!!

I have been using Gain for years now and I love the new scents out like Apple Mango and Lavender but the original scent is the one I come back to everytime. I love the cedar smell to it and the scent stays fresh for a long time. The detergent also cleans well. If you like your clothes smelling fresh, buy Gain! :D

Sharon W.
Gain Perfume

I carry the Gain/FeBreeze Air Freshener in my purse. If Gain sold deodorant or perfume, I would use it because I love that scent soooooo much~~~~~

Stacey H.
Love it

I love the smell of the new Gain dishwashing soap! It makes the kitchen smell so fresh when I am using it, and makes an unpleasant job much more enjoyable!

Donna M.
Original Fresh

There is nothing like it, the oriinal fresh scn of Gain liquid detergent. It makes my entire home smell wonderful after doing a few loas of laundry. I triedswitching but keep going back. I love it.

Yulanne H.
love anything gain

I Just saw that you will be bringing out gain dish washing liquid. I think that will be a awesome idea , I will definately be looking for it in the store to try . Your scents are wonderful and I Like for alot of scented laundry detergent and softners, so to have my dishes and kitchen smelling wonderful too , is some thing that I will definately be looking forward to.

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